Impedance Group 

Universidade Federal do Vale do São Francisco


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New organic and flexible random lasers are developed with Physics Department - UFPE

- Electrospun-based devices

- Eggshell membrane supported devices

Multifunctional textiles based on conducting polymers are applied as Joule heaters, bactericidal and supercapacitors

SERS device for pesticide detection in fruits is in development at Helinando´s group

Day C for Science at impedance group - october 25

Workshop on Nanobiotech was organized by Helinando´s group in 2017

Bioinpired supercapacitor from Helinando´s group is reported at ACS Omega

Science website reports paper published by Helinando´s group

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Scientific divulgation





Av. Antonio Carlos Magalhães, 510 Country Club, Juazeiro-BA. CEP: 48.902-300  
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